Fauzia Burke

Entrepreneur . Book Publicist . AI Marketing Consultant . Author 

Online Marketing for Busy Authors
SKU: 978-1626567856

“In her book, Burke takes authors through the process of identifying their unique personal brand, defining their audience, clarifying their aspirations and goals, and setting priorities. Once that foundation is established, she walks them through the process of developing a personalized, sustainable long-term online marketing plan. She offers advice on designing a successful website, building a mailing list of superfans, blogging, creating an engagement strategy for social media and much more.” – Forbes

“The book is filled with practical advice from a roster of experts that reads like a Who’s Who of publishing—S&S’s Judith Curr, Flatiron’s Bob Miller, and Crown’s Patty Berg. Burke places them all into a comprehensive and easy-to-follow narrative that aims to help prospective as well as seasoned authors manage their marketing plans and reach their goals.” – Publishers Weekly

“This is a useful guide for any authors wondering how to promote themselves online…. It would be a worthwhile volume for libraries that have an active writing community among their patrons, especially as it is specific to books.” – Library Journal

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Online Marketing for Busy Authors
SKU: 978-0-6480875-2-6

Australia & New Zealand Edition

If you want people to read your book, writing it is only the beginning.

There has truly never been a better time to be an author. Authors today have direct access to their readers via the internet and they can create a community eagerly awaiting their book. But if you are a new author, where do you start? How do you sort through the dizzying range of online options? Where should you spend your time and what should you be doing?

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Password Keeper

Password Keeper is a lifesaver for writers who struggle to remember their passwords and contacts. With this free worksheet, you can keep all your important information in one place, so you can focus on what really matters - writing the next bestseller!

Just download the PDF for free, fill out the information and keep it safe. It is good for you and even better for the people you love. Treat it as part of your estate planning. 
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