Password Keeper by Fauzia Burke

Password Keeper

Password Keeper
Never lose track of your writing life again.
By Fauzia Burke

As writers, we have a lot to juggle - plot lines, characters, deadlines, and more. It's no wonder that sometimes we forget the little things, like our passwords and contacts. 

But those little things can make a big difference in our writing journey. That's where Password Keeper comes in. With this free worksheet, you can keep track of all your important information, including your passwords for domain names, mailing list programs, and social media platforms, as well as contacts for agents, publishers, and VAs. 

No more frantically searching through your notes or emails. Plus, having all your information in one place means you can easily stay on top of your writing game without any unnecessary stress. And the best part? It's completely free! So why not download it and see how it can make your writing life easier? Trust me, your future self and your family will thank you.

Download now. 

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