Your Brand is Your Baby

Nov 15, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
Wait for it, wait for it. Your baby's smile is coming. I promise.

Sometimes when I am talking to clients, I use a newborn as a metaphor for personal branding. I know it's crazy, but hear me out. The first four weeks of parenting a newborn is a one-way relationship. There is a whole lot of love flowing in your baby's direction, and a whole lot of work -- feeding, changing, caring for and soothing. Without a doubt, it's exhausting, and at times, frustrating. Day in and day out you adoringly devote yourself to your baby without any interaction back. But then, all of a sudden, your newborn looks into your eyes and smiles. Suddenly, your frustration melts away and you...

Fauzia's Radio Show Interview

Nov 04, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
Listen to Fauzia's great interview with Kristin Hiemstra, from The Art of Potential Radio Show to learn about marketing books on-line,  how the publishing industry has changed and the best way to build an on-line following.

From the Chapelboro site: Fauzia Burke is sought after by America’s top authors like Sue Grafton for her expertise in internet book marketing. With experience launching more than 2000 books she knows what she is talking about. Fauzia shares with us what it takes to create your own brand and build a following. A great show for those thinking of starting their own business, upping their professional game, or trying to get their own book published.

Listen here:

Married to Your Work: How to Be in Business with Your Spouse

Nov 01, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
"The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they're right if you love to be with them all of the time." -- Julia Child

My husband and I were both working in the publishing industry 18 years ago when I had an idea to start my own business. I wanted to promote books online. I left a great job to follow my interests, but thankfully, my past employer became my first client. Within a year of starting FSB Associates, I had more work than I could do alone, so my husband took a huge leap of faith and quit his job to join me. Together we built a niche service company creating online awareness for books...

5 Reasons Authors Should Blog

Oct 23, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
Writing blogs can be distracting, can be a time sink, can be unproductive, and can be a waste of time. There, I listed most of the arguments against blogging. Now let me make my case. Being an author in 2013 is like being a small business owner. You need a marketing strategy or you will go out of business. If people can't find you, they can't buy your book. You have many choices when it comes to marketing. Here are some options from my blog on Marketing Options for Authors.

Having a digital marketing strategy is absolutely the best option in my biased opinion. Sure you can point to a few authors who don't do anything online and are still successful,...

The Biggest Marketing Launch of My Career

Oct 15, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
You may think the headline is an overstatement. I promise you, it is not. Today I am proud to celebrate the publication date of The Kennedy Half-Century: The Presidency, Assassination, and Lasting Legacy of John F. Kennedy By Larry J. Sabato (Published by Bloomsbury, October 15, 2013).

This is a must read book for American history buffs everywhere. Not only does the book deliver unique, never before known, information about the assassination of our youngest president, it also gives a unique perspective of the 50 years since his death. It's a really great read, but I am a marketer and not a reviewer. There are people much more qualified reviewing the book. Let me tell you about the marketing roll out of...

4 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude Everyday

Oct 10, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
"I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness -- it's right in front of me if I'm paying attention and practicing gratitude." -- Brene Brown

Recently I read Brene Brown's book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead, and it had quite an impact on me. In her book, she listed her 10 Guideposts of Wholehearted Living, and I decided to look into each one to make sure I'm living wholeheartedly. I found that I am lacking a little bit in many of her guideposts, but if there was one where I felt entirely confident it was number four: Cultivating Gratitude and Joy.

I know we are all busy and...

Social Media vs Social Networking

Sep 25, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
Although most of us use the terms interchangeably, there is a difference between social media and social networking. For me, understanding the distinctions was a big aha moment. To develop a comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategy, it is helpful (even crucial) to understand the differences. Social Media Social media is the media (content) that you upload -- whether that's a blog, video, slideshow, podcast, newsletter or an eBook. Consider social media as a one-to-many communication method. Although people can respond and comment, you own the content and have to produce (write/record/create) the media yourself.

Your social media goal and strategy: Decide if you want to connect with your audience in the form of a blog, video, newsletter, podcast or eBook. Blogs are...

7 Great Ways to Promote Your eBook

Sep 18, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
Today producing books (e or p) has never been easier, but promoting them has never been more difficult. There is a lot of noise in both online and offline media and trying to get attention is challenging for sure. However, publishing a book is a dream come true for every author so if you have finally finished your book, please take some time to celebrate. Just remember there is more work to do!

In order to get your eBook in front of as many eyes as possible, you will need some patience, a plan and some creative ideas. Here are seven to get you started:

Get Your Digital House in Order

Before you begin promoting your book, make sure that you have...

5 Benefits of Personal Branding for Authors

Sep 04, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
By Fauzia Burke,

"Branding is about everything." - Tom Peters

When I was growing up, my grandfather used to say "get an education because once you have it no one can take away from you." I feel the same way about authors and their personal brands. As authors, once you build and establish your personal brand, no one can take it away from you.

For some authors, the idea of a personal brand is uncomfortable. Some tell me that they don't want to "be a brand." Building a brand doesn't have to be scary. Branding is simply sharing your stories & expertise while building trust -- that's all it is -- and it's so important in today's market.

Fair warning though, branding is not...

Weekly Round Up

Jul 26, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
By Courtney Allen

Happy Friday! We've all had a great week and hope you did too! Below are a variety of links to content that the FSB team has been reading this week to gain information about social media, marketing, reading and more!

For Social Media

The 9 Types of Facebook Users

Everyone has his or her own social media style, but there are definite patterns in Facebook user behavior and this great Infographic on Mashable highlights the different types of Facebook users pretty accurately.

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Book Today Pinterest is evolving its features to include business -- and not just personal -- accounts. Pinterest is raising brand awareness and also driving purchasing decisions. Pinterest can be used as a...

Weekly Round Up

Jul 19, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
By Courtney Allen Even through all of the emails, pitching, reports, etc, we all make it a point to read other things on the web to improve our business, learn new things, and have fun!

Here's some of the tweets the FSB team has found interesting and entertaining this week!

For Marketing Knowledge

3 Simple Keys to an Effective Marketing Strategy

This article explains the definition of effective marketing strategy through the phrase's three important words. Effective. Marketing. Strategy.

Managing Social Media Marketing with the 3 Cs: Curator, Content and Calendar

Social media marketing has become so imperative in online business today. It can be confusing and there are so many different platforms to use. This article from Social Media Today offers some advice and discusses...

How to End Every Day with Zero Emails

Jul 08, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
Email has taken over our business day as well as nights and weekends. I made a promise to myself at the start of this year to end everyday with 0 emails in my in-box. At first I thought it was impossible, but as time went on I not only learned to manage email more efficiently, I took charge on my day and got a lot more done. So in case you are looking to free yourself from the in-box overload, here's how I do it:

Every email is not Important
 All my emails are important, or so I thought. But what I realized is that every email is not important. Many of them are just disruptive. I made a choice not to...

4 Ways to Create Compelling Content

Jun 12, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
If your business blog is all about what you want to write about and what you want to market and sell, your blog, as they say, could be an epic fail. While it's great to generate regular content about your business and its niche, the driving factor for your content creation -- whether your blog or your newsletter content -- has to be centered around what your customers' want. To create compelling content your customers can't wait to devour, always ask yourself: Is this providing value to my customer base?

Here are 4 ways to ensure you are generating content that resonates with your target audience. Tune in to the social media channel. How do you find out what your customers want...

Cultivating Super Fans with eNewsletters

May 14, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
Social media is sexy, but the real power of your relationship with your fans is in email newsletters. The people on your mailing list are your "Super Fans." They are the ones who have given you permission to show up in their inbox. That invitation is very valuable.

Think about it, when was the last time you signed up for a newsletter. Probably not for a while. Once I asked an author that question and she said, "oh I don't do that." She's right we don't do that, unless we are Super Fans or the author/company is providing something of value.

Super Fans are the people who pre-order your books, are the first in line to buy your products, and recommend you...

18 Lessons in 18 Years

May 01, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
By Fauzia Burke

Do you remember where you were when you saw the Internet for the first time? I do. I was working at Henry Holt and an assistant asked me to check out something cool. He showed me a page of text on his computer. Nothing impressive yet, then he clicked on the word Paris and we went to a site in France. Like magic.

That was it. I was in love. Two months later I quit a job and a company I loved to chase hyperlinks and surf the Internet. Thankfully Holt became my first client and so FSB Associates was launched. That was 18 years ago today. Wow. Will you believe me if I told you it felt like...

10 Important Stats for Authors

Apr 09, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
By Fauzia Burke

Book Buyers 2010 stats: More than 40 percent of Americans over the age of 13 purchased a book; the average age of the American book buyer is 42. Women make 64 percent of all book purchases, even among detective stories and thrillers, where they buy more than 60 percent of that genre. Source Study 2012: Avid book buyers skew older, and female 64%; The #1 principal way of discovering new books? Personal recommendations 48.2% Source Book Sales December 2012 retail sales at indie bookstores were up 2.9 percent compared to December 2011, according to preliminary figures recently released by the Bureau of the Census. Source Continued growth of e-book consumption, which rose from 4 percent of unit sales in 2010 to 14 percent...

Best Marketing Options for Authors

Mar 07, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
By Fauzia Burke

As authors, you know there are a lot of marketing options for promoting your book these days. There’s publicity, advertising and of course social media, but before you invest your money and time, it is important to know the benefits and challenges of the three types of marketing options (commonly known as Owned, Paid and Earned media by us marketing geeks).

Owned is media you as an author control. It includes your website/s, social networks, blogs, videos, etc. Paid is media that is bought. It includes ads: print, broadcast and online (banner and search). Earned is media that is gained through good publicity. If your goal is CREDIBILITY, publicity wins as the best option. Reviews and interviews will do more for your...

8 Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook

Feb 27, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
By Fauzia Burke

As of January 2013, Facebook has 1 billion users. 219 billion photos have been uploaded and there have been 140.3 billion friend connections. The average age of users is about 22.

Clearly Facebook is not going anywhere and although my teens hardly use it anymore, many of us visit the site daily. From a business purpose, engagement is more important than fans. You can have a 1,000 fans but if only 2 people are interacting with you very few people will see your posts on their feed. Take a look at the number of fans you have on your Facebook business page. Now note how many people are "talking about this." Your goal should be to increase the "talking...

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Book

Feb 13, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
By Fauzia Burke

You may think of Pinterest as a place where scrapbooking fans, home interior aficionados and fashionistas go to hang out online and share images, but Pinterest is a social networking site that can be used for so much more. A year ago, Pinterest increased its unique visitors by 155 percent in one month alone, according to HubSpot. Today Pinterest is evolving its features to include business -- and not just personal -- accounts. Pinterest is raising brand awareness and also driving purchasing decisions. So before you write off Pinterest as a crafty outlet you don't have time for, consider that Pinterest can be used as a social media marketing tool to help promote you and your book. If you...

Does Social Media Sell Books? Gillian Flynn's Agent Gives Her Perspective

Feb 04, 2013 by Fauzia Burke
By Fauzia Burke

Those of you who know me are probably shocked at the title of this blog. You know I am a true believer in digital marketing and publicity and always suggest to authors that they should spend time developing a relationship with their readers. So why am I asking this question? For a couple of reasons: One because I am seeing social media burn-out in authors and second because I realized that two of the top selling authors of 2012 did not invest much time in social media.

According to Publisher's Weekly, the three biggest selling authors last year were E. L. James, Suzanne Collins & Gillian Flynn. Neither Suzanne Collins nor Gillian Flynn spend much time on social networking....
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