10 Easy Steps for a Successful Book Launch

Getting a book published is a huge accomplishment and you should be really proud of yourself. It is a once in a lifetime event, even if it is your 15th book. Once you have done a little celebrating, it’s time to get ready for the launch. Here are some simple things you can do now to have a successful launch

  1. Set up your Amazon author page via Author Central and build out your profile.
  2. Claim your Goodreads page and spend some time rating books you have read.
  3. Update your LinkedIn page to include your new book in the “Publications” section. Start posting more often, and plan to announce your book 2 months before and the day of publication.
  4. Update your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram bios and photos if appropriate. If you can upload a cover image, make sure it has your book jacket and website URL.
  5. Announce your book periodically on social media, but not all the time.
  6. Plan your mailing list strategy. Depending on how often you email your list, map out the following: announce the book, ask for pre-orders, celebrate publication date, and update readers on your successes.
  7. Make a list of people for your launch team. These are people who are already familiar with your work: your colleagues, your friends, and your family. Ask them to pre-order your book and review it after publication.
  8. Be generous. This is the time to review other books, retweet important messages for people, promote other authors, celebrate your publisher. Make nice with the media.
  9. Write a blog talking about why you wrote the book and how it will benefit the reader.
  10. Most important of all, make sure your website is up to date and mobile-friendly. 50% of traffic to websites is now coming from mobile. And yes, you absolutely need an author website. Social media is not a substitute. You don’t own your profiles on social media and can be kicked off with no notice. Your website is the only form of media you control, the only place where you can tell your story. Make sure you add links to multiple booksellers, add events if you are touring and include your mailing list sign-up form. If you need a new website or need to upgrade, please consider Pub Site. It’s the first DIY website platform built just for authors. 

Bonus: Ask your publisher about their marketing plans and start interviewing publicity firms if you need additional support. Most PR folks like to start months before the publication date.