Fresh Start With Social Media Accounts

The recent changes in Twitter have prompted many of us to reconsider where we hang our social media hats. As we start 2023, we can take the opportunity to declutter and reorganize our physical space, and it's also a good time to do the same with your online presence. I do this every year, which makes a huge difference in the value I get from spending time on social media. 

Here are some steps you can take to clean up your social media accounts:
Unfollow or unfriend anyone who no longer brings value to your feed: 
This one step can improve your social media game 100%. If you are not learning from the people you follow, it's time to unfollow them. Most of us are still following people we met once at a conference. Is that relationship creating value? Take some time to review your friend list and consider whether you want to continue following or “being friends” with each person. If you don't know them well or if their content is no longer relevant or interesting to you, it may be time to unfollow or unfriend them. This will help declutter your news feed and make the time you spend on social media more positive and enjoyable.

Review your bio, photo, and privacy settings:
Make sure your bio and profile photo is up-to-date. It is best to use the same photo in all your accounts because it builds "brand recognition." Social media companies make money by selling our data. Make sure your privacy settings are set to your desired level. This is especially important if you have a new book coming out. Consider who can see your posts, who can tag you in photos, and whether or not your location is visible to others.

Delete old posts:
Take some time to review your old posts and consider deleting any that no longer serve you. This will help present a positive and up-to-date image of you. It’s important to present a positive image as an author.

Organize your accounts:
Consider creating folders, labels, or lists to keep track of different types of content or people. This will help you find things more easily and keep your feed organized. For example, you could create a folder for friends, book people, or politics.

Take a break:
I know not the advice you expect from a digital publicist, but it's Ok to regroup. If social media is overwhelming, it certainly can be; take an occasional break. I try to do this on weekends and vacations. It's important to strike a balance and not let social media consume too much of your time and attention. Consider setting limits on your social media use or taking a break from it altogether for a few days or weeks. TikTok is particularly addictive. According to Statista, on average, TikTok users spend 6.06 hours weekly on the app. I can attest to that. I find TikTok incredibly educational and inspirational. I may be a little bit hooked :) 

Overall, the key to successfully cleaning your social media accounts is to declutter and organize them in a way that brings value, positivity, and joy to your online experience. Once you do that, sharing information about your book won't feel like a chore.