My life in a few photos ....

Flatiron building in NYC where I had my first publishing job.
Cover Girl!
Being an author at my publisher's office.
My darling doggy, Karly Bear Burke.
My father, Daud Subhani, who died when I was 25. He was a talented and brave man, a journalist and a war correspondent. When he died he was the Minister of Information in Benazir Bhutto's government. He was very proud of supporting the first woman Prime Minister of a Muslim country.
My mother, Nuzhat Subhani, whose love, strength and friendship has guided me always.
The absolute love of my life. John Burke, my partner in life and business!
My little family unit. The people who have defined my life.
One of my favorite photos with my girls.
My two talented daughters, Syrah and Aliya Burke, now all grown up.
Holding the first copy of my book.
Best friend and an inspiration R.J. Palacio. She designed the FSB logo.
This is Maya Reine my friend and employee #1 at FSB. She's also the best person I know.
John and me hanging with our favorite client Alan Alda.
With client Earl Charles Spencer.
Teaching book marketing for the first time.
Presenting at BAWIP in San Francisco and clearly having a fun time.
Highlight of my career. First book signing at Book Expo America.
With client Mika Brzezinski.
Hanging with legendary agents Sandra Dijkstra and Elise Capron in San Diego.
My lovely friend, Kelly Notaras at her book signing in Boulder.
Hanging with Guy Kawasaki.
My fabulous friends and clients from Berrett-Koehler.
With the legendary client Ken Blanchard and Randy Conley. It’s an honor to promote their work. Also in the photo with me is my colleague Julia Sutherlin.
When editors and publicists get together, it's just more fun. Me, Karl Weber, Dottie DeHart and Neal Maillet
Book event with the fabulous Kristen Frantz
Ken Blanchard the legend
I love meeting my readers :)
At Warwicks in La Jolla
I love Kelly Notaras author of The Book You Were Born to Write
Loved working with and meeting Ken Honda
With the captivating, the OG Mari Smith
The most wonderful client, Renee Linnell author of The Burn Zone