Fauzia Burke

Hi, thanks for coming. My name is Fauzia Burke. I am the founder and President of FSB Associates, and have worked in book marketing and publicity for all of my professional life. I started in the marketing departments of John Wiley & Sons and Henry Holt. In 1995, I founded FSB, one of the first firms to specialize in Internet publicity and marketing for publishers and authors.

Since its inception, FSB Associates has executed more than two thousand successful book publicity campaigns. It seems almost like a dream that so much time has passed and so many amazing authors have trusted us with their books and reputations. If you are curious, on our site is a full list of our projects by subject.

I have also written a book called Online Marketing for Busy Authors: A Step-by-Step Guide, published by Berrett-Koehler. I am excited that I can now share my advice, tips and short cuts with more than my clients.

For the past few years, I’ve been blogging at Huffington Post, MariaShriver and Mind Body Green, which has led to consulting and speaking opportunities. It was not something I had ever considered, but it turns out I love it. Helping authors figure out the best way to use their time and money is a gratifying way to share my experience.

Besides having a busy and demanding day job (which I love), I have two smart, independent daughters to raise (they’re beautiful too), and a creative and dedicated staff to manage (they are also some of my favorite people). Thankfully I have a great partner. My husband, John Burke, is my life partner as well as my business partner (I got really lucky there).

In 2014, John and I decided to expand FSB and we moved from Basking Ridge, NJ to Carlsbad, CA (north of San Diego). I love it here, but I miss my friendships. It turns out there is no way to replace 25 years of growing together. I also miss the very vibrant New York City book publishing world. However, the people I have met here in California have been wonderful, including my Oakland based publisher Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Please call if you have questions, join me on my Facebook page which I check everyday, and please sign up for my mailing list.