Fauzia Burke

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Promoting Your Book with Snail Mail

It is so important to start building buzz with your mailing list months before your book’s pub date. Doing this allows for advanced visibility and awareness for when your book is released. My book, Online Marketing for Busy Authors, will be published in April 2016 and in order to start grabbing people's attention, I started using physical postcards in January. 
My publisher generously printed book postcards for me to use several months before the publication of my book. I was able to hand them out at conferences where I was speaking to get the word out as much as I can (San Diego Writer’s Conference in Jan 2016 and San Francisco Writer’s Conference in Feb 2016). 
I also sent them in a Happy New Year mailing to friends and colleagues. We all get so much email that snail mail can actually stand out and be a nice surprise. Here are my samples. I hope it helps and gives you some marketing ideas that can be delivered to a real mailbox!  
front    postcard