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7 Ways to be Effective on LinkedIn

By Fauzia Burke

All social networking venues are not created equal. Each has its own identity. What works on Facebook may not work on LinkedIn or on Twitter. While you can use all social media platforms for an integrated approach to market your book or business, you have to know your audience. The LinkedIn audience is where professionals connect and help each other to be effective, productive and successful. LinkedIn is a great way to build your network, relationships and your personal brand, but in order to do it effectively, you have to use LinkedIn in a professional manner. Here are 7 ways effective:

Stay professional. If you wouldn't put it on your resume, in your portfolio or say it in an interview, don't put it on your LinkedIn page. It's not the forum for personal posts and oversharing.

Connect carefully. It's more effective to form relationships just as you would in person. Don't reach out and ask to connect professionally with people you don't know. Work relationships slowly through shared connections or referrals.

Share resources. On LinkedIn, be sure to share articles, stories and resources that will help your network. Avoid posting only your own content.

Build your credibility. Work on building up your recommendations but avoid just swapping recommendations with people you know as that doesn't look as authentic. Make sure you have some recommendations on your LinkedIn page.

Stick with professional photos. You may love your dog enough to make it your profile photo on your personal Facebook page, but make sure your LinkedIn photo is a professional, forward-looking shot.

Don't ask for favors. Nothing is more annoying than a person asking for favors on LinkedIn before they have built a relationship. LinkedIn, like real-life networking, is about give and take. Give first.

Don't send mass emails. Connecting with people is a privilege. LinkedIn is best for one-to-one communication. It is not a forum for mass emails announcing your book, webinar or event.

LinkedIn is a great way to gain more visibility, increase your rank with search engines, get business insights and market your book by connecting directly to your audience, just do it professionally.

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